Ojo, Femi

Of Nigerian descent, this gifted multi-talented innovative abstract artist, Femi Ojo currently resides in Nashville, TN. After finishing his undergraduate degree at Texas Tech, he went on to complete his MBA at Baker College. His passion for the arts led him to become a self-taught abstract artist with a unique style of his own. In his own words, Femi Ojo aptly describes “abstract art”.


“I love abstract art. It speaks loudly to some and softly to others. And to some it says nothing at

all. The endless possibility that entails this form of art is what excites me the most, the use of paint and whatever else I can imagine to create organized chaos and at times to highlight the imperfections of what it is to be human.”


In describing his creative process, Femi Ojo says in some instance he never knows truly what to expect from the elements he has chosen to incorporate into any given piece. His work takes him on a journey of highs and lows, ending with a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment once the work is complete.


Tireless and innovative always, this artistic genius doesn't just focus on completing a painting or a series of paintings, he also manipulates the canvases in such a way as to capture the viewer and pull the individual into experiencing a moment with the painting. Ever full of awe-inspiring surprise, Femi Ojo takes his work to another level. He designs and builds bold elaborate frames for each piece that add to and enhance the work in such a way that each piece comes to life for the art aficionado and casual viewer alike. The end result is a work uniquely and unmistakably Femi.


The artist admits, “The woodwork is laborious, however it serves as the DNA of my work.”


The canvas and frame have a symbiotic relationship, giving and receiving energy that the viewer can feel. As Femi commented in his artist statement, “It's a marriage that cannot and must not be broken.”