Adams, Travis



Travis Adams was born and raised in the beautiful town of Shelbyville, Kentucky. He attended Centre College in Danville, Kentucky where he received a Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics. His first exposure to glass was an introductory course with professor and artist Stephen Rolfe Powell during his last semester at Centre. Upon graduation, he experienced a brief odyssey in the world of finance, yet soon realized his passions were leading him elsewhere. He made his way back to Danville to direct a non-profit organization. On his days off he work with Powell and it was this experience that lead him to the Graduate Assistant position in the visual arts program at Centre College. There he began the development and exploration of his own work, and began his journey into glass, which he says, “is a dream he never knew existed.”




The driftwood series originated from the deep need of personal exploration. My building passion for blown glass led to an amazing shift in my life trajectory, and my work is created with immense gratitude for the opportunity to exploit such a challenging material. I am grateful, too, for the unyielding support of friends and family through the creative process.


From a very young age, I developed an interest in the natural beauty and refined qualities of driftwood. I began collecting pieces on my family’s weekend trips to the serene lakes throughout the state of Kentucky. I “hunt” for wood that is striking in their natural environment where it is deposited and found. Later, I evaluate the posture of the wood pieces and their potential to hold a glass form. As a tribute to nature, which provided me great inspiration and the wood components for this work, I have incorporated a female Native American name in the title of each piece.


I think my work is universal and utilizes design qualities in which all viewers may relate. I enjoy the challenge of combining two element of earth (fire and wood) that are naturally occurring foes. The result of this unlikely marriage exposes the extreme folds of the refined wood forms, while highlighting the malleability and grace of blown glass. In an effort to push the glass, I have employed a number of coloring techniques and surface designs that, I believe, adds depth to the organically inspired forms.


Thank you for taking the time to study nature and glass with me through this series. I hope you enjoy the experience of viewing them through your own lens and developing your personal interpretations.